Report of the annual general meeting of shareholders (“AGM”) in Ayima Group AB

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18th June 2019

The annual general meeting of shareholders (“AGM”) in Ayima Group AB was held today, 18 June 2019, in Stockholm. The AGM resolved unanimously in accordance with the board’s proposals and a summary of the resolutions taken by the AGM follows. For complete details concerning all resolutions, please see the basis for resolutions by the annual general meeting, which is available on the company’s website at
● The AGM resolved to adopt the income statement and balance sheet and the consolidated income statement and consolidated balance sheet.
● The AGM resolved that the result for the year shall be balanced on a new account and that no dividend shall be paid.
● The AGM resolved to discharge all individuals who had served as Board members or CEO during 2018 from liability for the administration of the company in 2018.
● The AGM resolved in favour of re-election of the board members Michael Jacobson, Michael James Nott, Timothy Webb, Mark Kevin Segal and Björn Mannerqvist. Michael James Nott was appointed chairman of the board. No deputies was elected. The remuneration for the board members shall consist of a half price base amount per year to each member who is not employed by the Company.
● BDO Sweden AB was re-elected as auditor. BDO Sweden AB has announced that it will appoint Authorised Public Accountant Niclas Nordström as chief auditor.
● The AGM resolved to authorize the board of directors to decide, on one or more occasions during the period ending at the close of the next annual general meeting, to issue new shares in accordance with the board’s proposal.

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Originally founded in 2007, Ayima is a digital marketing agency with around 150 employees across its offices in London, New York, San Francisco,Stockholm and Vancouver. Ayima have created a number of market-leading software tools that are used in by clients and agencies around the world, including ‘Updatable’, ‘Redirect Path’, ‘Page Insights’, ‘Pulse’ and ‘Appotate’. 

Ayima is listed at Nasdaq First North under the “Ayima B” ticker. Certified Adviser is:

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