Mike Jacobson

Board Member
Ayima Chief Executive Officer

Ownership: A Shares 66 666, B Shares 839 157 (15.0%)
Year Appointed: 2017

Hailing originally from Canberra, Australia, Mike has an MBA from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and worked as a Financial Analyst at various dot-com startups in Sydney and London prior to heading up the analysis function for the marketing team at PartyGaming PLC. Working closely with SEO colleagues Mike Nott and Tim Webb, they soon discovered a shared ethos for problem-solving. The seeds were soon sewn for the three to forge their own path and open an agency that mirrored their personal approach to work. Mike’s goal for Ayima was to become the expert’s expert, assisting the in-house teams at big yet under-performing brands and provide a fun and intellectually challenging environment for Ayima’s staff. The company’s reputation has been built on performance & delivering solid traffic and revenues for clients.

Mike Nott

Ayima Chief Operating Officer

Ownership: A Shares 66 667, B Shares 820 837 (14.7%)
Year Appointed: 2017

With a background in IT and System Administration, Mike was an early convert to SEO, working for various Media agencies in London before heading the Search Function at PartyGaming PLC at the time of their IPO on the FTSE in 2005. The technical and strategic lessons learned from that venture fed directly to the foundation of Ayima in 2007 with his colleagues, Mike Jacobson and Tim Webb. Mike has spearheaded Ayima ever since then, never losing sight of the company’s goal to deliver top-level expertise via superior technology and exceptional talent. He is also a strong proponent of providing a flexible environment in which experts can thrive, a factor that has helped Ayima grow into a prosperous international operation and develop industry-leading solutions for the SEO community.


Tim Webb

Board Member
Ayima Chief Technology Officer

Ownership: A Shares 66 667, B Shares 870 837 (15.5%)
Year Appointed: 2017

A degree in Linguistics followed by a MSc in Software Engineering have given Tim a unique view of programming, with an exhaustive understanding of both user intent and how best to surface relevant information. This expertise naturally manifested itself as a career in SEO, working with Mike Nott at PartyGaming, and then launching digital agency Ayima. As CTO, Tim continues to experiment with the aim of taking the guesswork out of SEO, providing Ayima consultants with tools and data that demystify Google’s complex algorithms so they’re able to confidently advise clients on the best course of action.

Björn Mannerqvist

Independent Board Member

Ownership: B Shares 16 500 (0.3%)
Year Appointed: 2017

Björn Mannerqvist has worked with digital marketing and SEO all over the world for 20 years. He is the former Director of Operations at Ayima Nordic AB. Additionally, he is a board member of several Swedish listed companies including Future Gaming Group International AB, Tourn International AB and Orgo Tech AB.