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1st February 2024

Ayima is today pleased to announce the signing of a new agreement with one of its long-term clients. The new Master Services agreement is for a minimum of 12 months and is for a minimum total value of 8.9 MSEK, with scope for significant increases and further projects to be added during the contract term. 

The new agreement represents a more than 40% increase in the value of the project from the previous year and demonstrates the value that Ayima is adding to one of America's most famous brands. The client, one of the largest department store chains in the US, is lised on the NYSE and is serviced by Ayima's Nth American division. 

Ayima's CEO, Mike Jacobson commented "This new contract is a just reward for the hard work of Ayima's fantastic team of experts. This shows that even in difficult economic times, Ayima continues to add significant value to some of the biggest brands in the world, in the most competitive markets"

For further Information:
CEO/VD Michael Jacobson
+44-20 7148 5974

About Ayima

Originally founded in 2007, Ayima is a digital marketing agency with around 150 employees across its offices in London, New York, San Francisco,Stockholm and Vancouver. Ayima have created a number of market-leading software tools that are used in by clients and agencies around the world, including ‘Updatable’, ‘Redirect Path’, ‘Page Insights’, ‘Pulse’ and ‘Appotate’. 

Ayima is listed at Nasdaq First North under the “Ayima B” ticker. Certified Advisor is:

Swedish North Point Securities AB

+46 (0)8-29 11 77,

[email protected]

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