Ayima Expands Ecommerce Offering with Addition of Conversion Rate Optimisation

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12th February 2018

Following the launch of the integrated ecommerce solution (https://www.ayima.com/news/ayima-launches-integrated-e-commerce-solution.html) in 2017, Ayima have now expanded that offering with the addition of its Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) service, driven by the hire of the Company’s first Senior CRO Specialist, Kamil Kholousi.

Aiming to amplify the results achieved for leading global clients, the CRO service has already grown quickly, taking on a range of Ayima’s mid-size clients with this expected to rapidly increase in 2018. Focusing on website testing, user research and behaviour, analytics review and conversion funnel implementation, one client has already seen a 133% uplift in conversions, with an 8.31% increase on mobile conversions alone and increasing revenue by 246K SEK year on year.

Kholousi says, “As users shift their browsing habit to mobile devices, businesses are finding it harder to maintain the same conversion rates. When considering the different objectives users have when they are browsing on mobile vs desktop, this makes perfect sense. Working with a global B2B brand, we were able improve conversion rates for leads captured by a staggering 133%. This was achieved through testing the language used onsite to specifically trigger mobile users. With competition for desktop and mobile site traffic becoming more fierce, CRO enables businesses to increase their revenue per visitor, acquire more customers and, ultimately, see more value from their visitors. For Ayima, we expect CRO to grow rapidly as more and more companies see the benefits and ROI they’re receiving through testing. Therefore, our focus will continue be to on our optimisation process, which has shown to be very effective in improving revenue for our clients so far.”

The new offering is one of the many recent additions resulting from Ayima’s focus on growth and business development across all international operations.

You can find out more about Ayima’s CRO service here: https://www.ayima.com/what-we-do/cro

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