Correction: Further Information on Ayima Acquisitions

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30th August 2018

Some errors have been corrected, highlighted in “bold” below

Further to the announcement of 2018-08-29 informing the market of Ayima’s 2nd planned acquisition, the board has decided to release some further details about the past performance and expected future performance of the acquisition targets in order to allow investors to understand the financial implications for the Ayima Group.

For the full year of trading up to 2018-06-30, Leapthree Limited had the following provisional result:

Revenue: 9.9 MSEK


Employees: 6

Purchase Price: 25 MSEK, composed of Cash 9.3 MSEK, Shares 15.7 MSEK

Acquisition #2 had the following provisional result:

Revenue: 24.9 MSEK


Employees: 28

Purchase Price: 47 MSEK, composed of Cash 26 MSEK, Shares 21 MSEK

Ayima Group AB had the following approximate result in the year to 30 June 2018:

Revenue: 157.6 MSEK


Combined, the Group would have had the following result:

Revenue: 192.6 MSEK


The board does not wish to provide a forecast at this stage, however it is expected that both acquisitions will continue to grow revenue at approximately 20%-25% in the next 12 months, without taking into account added efficiencies and synergies from the consolidation of the businesses. The current Ayima Group AB business is expected to trade profitably and at similar rates of growth to what has been reported in the past 12 month period. Therefore it is expected that EBIT for the Group will be significantly enhanced in the forthcoming trading year.

Whilst the majority of the consideration for the two acquisitions will be paid with newly issued Ayima Shares, the cash component will be funded by a loan, new share issue or combination of the two.

The Board expects that the addition of these two rapidly growing and cash generative companies will enhance the Group’s product offering and financial performance and result in a significant increase in shareholder value.


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CEO/VD Michael Jacobson
+44-20 7148 5974

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